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Get Professional Services at Home with expertkhojo

Appliances Care

This category focuses on providing professional service at home for repairing and maintaining key household appliances. Whether it's fixing a refrigerator that's not cooling, servicing an AC for optimal performance, troubleshooting a malfunctioning washing machine, cleaning kitchen chimneys, repairing microwaves and geysers, or ensuring the water purifier is functioning correctly, ExpertKhojo ensures all appliance care needs are met efficiently at your doorstep.

Home Care

Home Care services encompass a broad range of tasks, all delivered professionally at home. This includes thorough deep cleaning of the entire house, specialized kitchen cleaning services, tank cleaning for safe water, effective pest control solutions, innovative and personalized interior design services, and professional home painting to revitalize your living space.


The Handyman category at ExpertKhojo includes a variety of skilled professionals who provide essential services at home. From fixing leaky pipes with expert plumbers, crafting and repairing woodwork with carpenters, ensuring electrical safety and functionality with electricians, to adding aesthetic touches with painters and building or repairing structures with masons, all handyman services are a call away.


ExpertKhojo's Gadget Care service brings professional technical support to your home for all electronic devices. This includes diagnosing and repairing laptops and desktops, fixing mobile phones and tablets, troubleshooting printer issues, and installing or maintaining CCTV and other security systems, ensuring your gadgets are always in top working condition.

Business care

Business Care services cater to professional needs by offering a range of services right at your office or home. This includes legal advice and representation, assistance with company setup and incorporation, strategic digital marketing solutions, innovative website design and development, comprehensive human resource management, expert CA services, and accounting and financial management.

Beauty Care

Beauty Care services provide a spa-like experience at home. This includes professional salon services, expert makeup artists for various occasions, and relaxing pedicure and manicure services. All these services are designed to offer convenience and luxury, ensuring you can enjoy top-tier beauty treatments in the comfort of your home.


Real Estate services at ExpertKhojo assist in various property-related transactions. Whether you're looking to sell or rent an office, find a coworking space, buy or sell a plot, or find the perfect flat for rent or purchase, professional assistance is provided every step of the way, ensuring smooth transactions and satisfaction.